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Why Try Vegan?



Hello all!

In light of my last post on ethics, I thought I’d discuss more of the documentaries that I’ve watched. In addition I will look at what impact they’ve had on my outlook and diet. The majority of the documentaries once again push towards the vegan diet. Having said that, one documentary looking at the paleo diet which is also popular amongst the health community.

Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives: Vegan

So many vegans recommend this documentary across YouTube. I worried that it would be another video filled with animal suffering, as I find it difficult to watch. However it was a pleasant surprise to see so much scientific evidence in the documentary instead. The film follows Doctor Esselstyn and Doctor Campbell throughout their lives, leading up to the discovery of a plant based diet in their research. According to much of Doctor Campbell’s results from studies in both the Philippines and China, those who ate more plant based diets were less likely to develop cancer, whilst those who were more affluent would become sicker with time. Now this isn’t to say that wealth equates to poor health. In fact many could argue the opposite (myself included!) In these countries the wealthier could afford to consume more meat, which is what in turn lead to their decline in health.

All of this information can be found in greater depth in Campbell’s book The China Study, listed below:

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Ah, Cowspiracy. Another film that I feared would show animal cruelty footage, but instead was limited to a couple of scenes. It made me jump hearing the knife chop off the duck’s head, but these things typically make me feel afraid. The documentary looked at the cause of our environmental destruction and the involvement of agriculture within that. It was interesting to hear about what green companies are/aren’t doing for the planet, as I thought they were the key players in making change happen. Moreover, it made me think back to something that I said in my last post: “If I don’t have it in me to kill an animal for food, then why on earth am I consuming it?”

Love Paleo

Love Paleo can be found on Amazon (link below) and is available to prime users to watch. It’s main focus in the beginning is on people who are facing dietary discomforts, with particular attention to coeliacs. I admit that my body doesn’t process white bread particularly well, but does everyone need to exclude gluten from their diet? I’m not convinced. In spite of that I’ve been very interested in the paleo diet this year, so to find a documentary on it was a welcome surprise!

It also spoke of reintroducing saturated fat into the diet, along with using all cuts of meat. Recently if I were to buy meat for omnivorous family members I’d stick to leaner cuts, and the thought of trying the foot or nose makes me feel physically sick. Along with a love of rice and beans, I’m no longer as sure that the paleo diet would work for me, as I wouldn’t want to remove them from my diet.

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So, why try vegan?

Try vegan because it’s an ethical way of living. Consider trying vegan because the animals have thoughts and feelings just like us, and I’m sure they don’t appreciate being killed in the way they are.

I’m not sure how it would work for me considering my nut allergy and dislike for avocado, thus limiting my source of healthy fats. Thankfully there is coconut, which I adore! Furthermore, I will be taking it slowly in transitioning from an omnivorous diet to a vegan diet, as I don’t wish to shock the body; cutting back my meat consumption would be my first target.

P.S. I’ve left Earthlings out of this to avoid making it way too long!

Wish me luck!

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