Story Time-Babysitting


One of the perks of looking after little kids is that you get to creative activities as a way of inspiring them and challenging them to think on a broader scale. Today I’ve managed to do that via 1. An idea found on Buzzfeed of using activity balloons and 2. Encouraging story creation. In order to do that I ensured that I too got involved with the activities by writing a story, as that was one of the chosen options inside the balloons. Purely because the little girl enjoyed what I wrote, I thought I’d share it with you all below:

Once upon a time there was a cat named George. George lived in the bushes, as that was where he had been born and grew up. He was very nice to the humans, but they never did take him home.

This made George very, very upset!

It could have been because he had mud and leaves in his fur that nobody took him home. I think it was because he was very clumsy!

One day he was walking down the road when he saw something in the corner of his eye.

“Aha, a bird!” he cried

He paced towards it, swishing his tail in the breeze. He glanced and pranced, thinking about when to pounce on the bird. But little did he know that he was being absurd!

Two ladies came past, looking at George with joy.

“He’s so cute!”

“But he’s chasing a leaf…?”

“You’re right, he is!”

“Oh boy.”

They sat and watched George as time went by, when suddenly he pounced on the leaf in the blink of an eye!

“Good grief!” they shrieked.

George was oh so content with his newfound leaf.

The ladies walked off, filled with glee as George too bounced off, with his leaf; back to the bushes, next to the tree.


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