hello again

It’s been almost a year (324 days to be exact!) since I last wrote for pleasure. These posts have moved from what was Sea Banana into a new home- that being Fruity Lanes. A lot has happened in that time, not only for myself but also as a writer.

In the last 324 days, I have…

  • Stopped taking all prescribed medication
  • Continued competing in taekwondo competitions
  • Fractured my foot
  • Completed a dissertation
  • Self-published a book (hopefully, this can go on sale in the future?)
  • Graduated from university
  • Found a job in another field, away from my degree

What does this mean?

Right now, I’m not doing any intensive writing;  putting my time instead into becoming accustomed to the requirements of my newfound employment. Allowing my immune system to adjust has been challenging admittedly, and I’m hoping that this will be a temporary issue. I still want to pursue writing picture books in the future, and one day I will get there. The dream of writing bilingually hasn’t faded into the abyss by any means. But, I also need to take responsibility for myself and build a career in the meantime, so that I can afford to spend time doing the things I enjoy, as well as afford to live as a whole.

My desire to learn and continually develop is stronger than ever, so the next few months will be a time to not only work on skills I’ve already acquired, but also consider trying new things now that I’m no longer constrained to university deadlines! I feel a deep sense of ease knowing that I am in total control now- a sensation that I’d lost after spending so long consumed by deadlines and fussing over grade boundaries.

Moving forward…

There are 146 days left of 2018. More than anything, I’d like to spend as many of those days in as good health as possible, so that I can keep growing and shaping my identity beyond student life. With exception to a 10-month health gap, I’ve been in some form of education for almost 20 years.

It’s time to learn more about who I am, away from the classroom.


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