Goal Setting for 2017


Hello all! Hope you’ve had a good Christmas and are looking forward to a new year of motivation and goal achieving! I thought I’d set some of my goals on my blog as well as in my bullet journal, as sharing is good. I’ve noticed that setting the time to blog is really healing and a way of keeping my mental health on track, so posting my goals here is an extension of that.

Hopefully, this will push me to actually keep up with my goals moving into 2017!

So without further ado here are my goals for next year:

  1. Continue on with my university degree in whatever form necessary: I’ve been having a hard time in terms of my health and the requirements of a traditional campus-based degree, so I have been considering finding an alternative route, but I’ll go into this in more depth in another post.
  2. Save money to travel: I’ve been wishing for a holiday for the last couple of years but not been able to get one, so I’m really hoping I can save money to travel this year during the summer!
  3. Get fitter: I know, this is everyone’s resolution moving into the new year. But hear me out! I actually do taekwondo at university (it helps me with staying physically healthy/ keeping active outside of joint flare-ups), and I’d like to be fitter for this semester of competitions. I hate doing cardio but I guess I have to suck it up for the sake of my health!
  4. Write more for joy: When I started studying writing seriously, I’d hoped to be able to put time into personal projects. However, sadly that hasn’t happened and throughout 2016 I’ve really struggled to find joy in creating, so I really want to bring that passion into 2017.
  5. Spend time more productively: In light of recent discoveries, there’s so much I can be doing other than binge-watching TV shows that are not enhancing my knowledge. Call it an awakening, but that’s exactly what it feels like. I’d like to put more time into things I enjoy and less time wasted on nothingness.
  6. Cut back on possessions: I’m really interested in living within my means, so I’d like to cut back on what I own. That’s not to say that I’m wasteful with the little money I have; I just want to be wiser in what I buy and what I own.

I’m limiting my goals this year to six. Six aims to have a more peaceful life. Six aims for a satisfying, joyous 2017. I could easily set a ton of goals, but why? Why have a hundred and achieve none, when I can have six smaller, more tangible things to plan for?

What are your goals for 2017? I’m excited to know more about your journeys and would love to follow them!

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