Springtime Buns Recipe

By on 16/04/2017

Hot cross buns are typically associated with Easter, but it’s now bank holiday Monday so I guess we can now call it a springtime recipe!

(I’ve been eating hot cross buns since January so it’s an all-season snack for me!)

I read in the May issue of Healthy magazine a recipe using spelt flour for hot cross buns, and along with my recent interest in going vegan as seen in my last two posts (seen here & here), I decided to do some further research and take inspiration from what I found.

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Food | Inspiration

Cooking Inspiration

By on 07/02/2017

As I may have mentioned before I love cooking, and I’m always looking for new ideas to inspire me. From “What I Eat in a Day” videos on Youtube, to relatable grocery hauls on Channel Mum¬†and recipe hunting on Yummly, I’m forever on the hunt for ideas that are tasty, healthy and affordable.

Most recently I’ve been watching Iceland haul videos on Channel Mum along with meal prep videos on Youtube. I love how some of them come with recipes, as I’m always looking for new methods to create healthy meals for myself and my family. Students are often not given credit for being capable in the kitchen, so I’d like to be one of the people that dispel that myth by giving you one of my recipes!

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