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Learning To Be More Open

By on 03/07/2017

“The mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work unless it’s open.”- Frank Zappa

Trying to get this post into words has been a challenge. Being open and frank is a struggle of mine. Not because I’m unable to string a sentence together, but because I want it to be the right thing to say. I’ve never really considered discussing relationships, be it friendships or something more, as there is safety in solace. But now the time has come and it will take me a while to get this all out coherently, so bear with me. It will be broken down into three separate posts (2. Accepting Fear) so that this isn’t too overbearing.

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Story Time-Babysitting

By on 28/12/2016

One of the perks of looking after little kids is that you get to creative activities as a way of inspiring them and challenging them to think on a broader scale. Today I’ve managed to do that via 1. An idea found on Buzzfeed of using activity balloons and 2. Encouraging story creation. In order to do that I ensured that I too got involved with the activities by writing a story, as that was one of the chosen options inside the balloons. Purely because the little girl enjoyed what I wrote, I thought I’d share it with you all below:

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