20 Facts About Me


Hello and welcome to my 20th post! Today I’d like to tell you twenty facts about myself, as I realise that I have revealed very little about my identity so far. I hope you enjoy getting to know me a bit better!



  1. I’m a Scorpio and born in the year of the Dog
  2. According to the Myer-Briggs test, I’m an INFJ
  3. I avoid nuts and dairy due to allergies
  4. I’m a picky eater, to say the least…
  5. I dislike eating berries
  6. I love eating bananas in different dishes
  7. I love nature, especially forests and the sea
  8. I have an understanding of seven languages: English, Patois, French, Chinese, Korean, Swedish & Spanish
  9. I like making things; currently, that involves building Lego kits
  10. I have a habit of collecting things, especially if I’m really interested in it
  11. As a child, I had around 1000 books in my room
  12. I love martial arts and do taekwondo
  13. I have five tattoos (soon to be six!)
  14. I’m an only child
  15. I love writing poetry as well as stories for young children
  16. (According to one of my best friends): I’m a hugger 🙂
  17. I love cooking/baking and want to write a cookbook one day
  18. I don’t watch films!
  19. I can binge watch documentaries if I’m really interested in the subject
  20. I have Dyspraxia & ADHD, along with depression

That’s all I could think of for now; I hope that has informed you a tad more about me and why I write about certain focal topics! What are some facts about you that I would want to know?

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